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TV1 Telugu Programmes & Shows


This is a special discussion program on a burning issue or the latest current affairs topic. The focus of program is to discuss core political issues or the big news of the day with eminent guests.

Viral Rewind

This program aims to reveal the facts and truth of viral content present in social media. It seeks to analyze if it is a true presentation of facts or a misinterpretation and misleading the viewers.


This is news presentation in an informed way where an old lady Gangavva is the highlight of the show. She discusses the current news from her understanding in a satirical way.


A daily show of half an hour Dandora is an entertainment program with an element of information regarding the happenings in the world. The anchor of the show is a village woman who looks at the world from her context which adds to the humour and special insight on the crowd.

Political Garage

This program highlights the constituencies of different politicians. The viewer can get an insight into the local issues and development works undertaken in that particular area. It is also aimed at understanding the political scenario and profile of the concerned politician

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